In my art I strive for some kind of sense of freedom,
I think it facilitates creative behavior.
In addition to my own projects,
I have also worked a lot with collaborative projects in various groups
where the activities have been social, event-like performance art.

The National Council for Visual Arts justified my State Prize for Fine Arts 2020 as follows:

Maria Duncker (b. 1963) is an exceptionally multidisciplinary visual artist.
In recent years, she has been seen primarily as a creator of experimental video and media works, a recent example of which was the Hevonen on häst work at Gallery Sinne in 2019. Essential to Duncker’s work is a deep connection to and respect for nature and ecology – long before the themes became mainstream art. 

Originally, Duncker was trained as a ceramic artist and sculptor.
Many of her works are connected to the contexts of performance art.
The works are united by an original holisticness,
such as art events built in vans, works of public art in Salmisaarenranta and national costumes made of plastic bags.
In addition, she has curated and implemented interdisciplinary festivals.


Miika Nyyssönen