Harjula Campus Public Artwork

Järvenpää Campus 2022 (children will name the work later)
A participatory work was commissioned, so I designed about 190cm x 190cm x 190cm. an aluminium sculpture where the drawings of the school’s children are water-cut into the walls of the sculpture.
The children could decide for themselves what kind of drawings they wanted for the sculpture, and they got to draw and color the finished sculpture with oil pastel chalks.
The work is washed from time to time and the drawing starts all over again.
The light LEDs in the work slowly change colour, Pietu Pietiläinen has designed the lighting.

The work was awarded the ”Myötätuulta kuvataiteesta” 
certificate of honor from 2022.

Photos: Järvenpää Art Museum / Mikhail Olykainen